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With so much emphasis on core exercises, I try to add as much as I can to any regular exercise. Here is a regular shoulder fly modified to workout the core (abs and back) too.

Begin in a regular proper stance for standing upper body work. Knees slightly bent, abs contracted, back straight. Good posture is key.

Instruct your students to choose a moderate weight. Heavy enough to fatigue the muscle after 8-12 reps, but not so heavy that they can't maintain a proper stance. I use 10-12 pounds. Guys go heavier. My class ranges from 5-10 pounds. Depending on fitness level.

Make this an 8 count shoulder fly using no more than 128 bpm. Counts 1&2 shoulder fly to the side, counts 3&4 bring the weights front, counts 5&6 hold in front position, counts 7&8 release down front. Arms are paralell to the floor throughout entire rep. Repeat 8-12 times then reverse the order. Lift front, extend to the side, hold, release.

Most important is that you cue your students to really contract their abs during the entire set. When you are in the front hold position, this is the toughest position for you back and ab muscles. This is where you get the core work. If your students lean backwards or slouch, they won't be getting a core workout and they will be putting their backs at risk.

I tell them to do it right or don't do it at all.

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