Core Section Killer

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Start face down on a mat, have your class come onto their elbows and toes in the "HOVER" position. The body is completely straight as it would be in a push-up position. Have them check their form to ensure that there is not any part of their body making a peak or a valley. Hold this position for 1 minute (It can be modified for participants with lower back problems by placing the knees on the floor. Also, the amount of time can be less depending on the level of participants. Always tell them that they can take a break and join back in if necessary.)

Next, have them turn on their right side. Body straight. Left foot on top of right. The right elbow is supporting the body and the body is lifted. The left hand can either rest on the floor in front of the body or with the elbow bent, on the left hip. This exercise is for the right oblique. First have them hold the position for a count of eight, level one participants can continue to hold while the level 2 participants lift and lower the mid-section of the body, for eight counts. Level 2 participants then will pulse the mid-section up and down for an eight count, and then hold for the last eight.

Return to the "HOVER" and hold. Repeat on left side. And Return to "HOVER" for the final minute.

This is excellent core body work. It strengthens the lower back, the abdominals, and the obliques. Remember to remind participants to rest at any time they feel they need it, and not to overwork their lower back.

I hope you enjoy.

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