Advanced and stolen......for Miss Claire!

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 11325)

Hi guys!! This ones especially for Aussie Claire who asked for some funky hi lo! Start on the right.


"Special box": ie-
Grapevine** x 2 (right,left) (8)
Grapevine with 3 knees*** (8)

Easy! Step out to the right with the right leg on '1' and hold it there (ie- do nothing) for one count

"Special box" (16)
**Grapevine x 2- After doing your double knee repeater on the left leg, you should be facing the left
1-2-3-4: Grapevine facing the left wall on the right leg (ie- coming forwards)
5-6-7-8: Grapvine facing the back wall left leg lead

***Grapevine with 3 knees- After the 2x grapevines you should-
1-2-3: Grapevine facing the right wall, right leg lead, travelling towards the back of the room (so you should have completed 3/4 of a box)
4-5-6-7-8: 3 knees- the first knee (left knee up) should bring you back to facing the front (ie- 1/4 turn anticlockwise)..the next 2 knees (right knee, left knee) should be spun 360 degrees anticlockwise travelling you finish the box shape made by the grapevines, and have a left leg lead! Yippee!

Any Q's, email me!

Miss Dale

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From: Sydney (Australia)
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