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This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11329)

Hi, I put this together for my Sunday morning class. They are choreography junkies, and they really enjoyed this routine. Hope you do, too!

Horizontal, mostly tapless, intermediate-advanced

Combo A

Combo B

*This move has many names, and I've seen it used by many of you. Here's my breakdown, assuming right lead: 1,2, step up wide on the bench; 3, bring feet together with a hop; 4, bring feet back to wide position with a hop; 5, bring feet back together; 6, lift right knee; 7,8, step down right, left

Combo C

**These are power moves. Instead of a regular glute lift, you propel the glute off the side of the bench, in the process you turn so that when you land you are facing the side of the bench (what had been the left side of the bench from home position). So, glute up, down, down, which means you change the lead foot. Assuming right lead: Step up on the bench with right foot, propel off the side, and land left, right. Don't go too far. You then step back on the bench with your left foot and propel yourself, with a hop turn into a straddle, now facing where you just were. You are now back leading right, which is the foot you use to do the mambo, which starts ON the bench.

***Rock the bench, hop turn. Assuming right lead: After the mambo: 1,2, right on the bench, then rock back on the left; 3, 4, right steps over the bench, rock back on the left again; 5, right back on the bench; 6, hop turn back; 7, 8, left, right land on the floor. You are now in front of the bench facing what had been the right side of the bench from home position. You now do the right leading A-step back to home. (Thank you, Krissy Teavens!)

Combo D

****After the rocking horse, assuming right lead, you step back on the bench with right foot to do the double knee on the left

Combo E

*****I first teach this as 3 step touches, but then I add the power. Jump up, and then do three ski jumps feet together, leaping side-to-side.

I hope I adequately explained everything. If not, do email me and I'll try to clarify further.


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