Grazy Turning

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Block 1

* Repeater shaka zulu - right foot on step (1), lift left knee (2), now tap 3 times fast on the floor (3,4,5) at the same time you make a turn backwards. Lift left knee (6) left foot down (7) right foot down (8)

** Six step, mambo step - 1/2 mambo to left corner (1,2) change to other side (3,4, end with your left foot on the step) make a mambo back on the step, exit right / left

Block 2

* T-walk cha cha - right foot on bench (1), left foot on bench (2) make a cha cha cha on the floor at the right side of the bench (3&4), left foot on the bench, turn (back wall of the room) (5) right foot on bench (6) turn back to front, cha cha cha on floor at the left side of the bench (7&8).

** Box step syncopation - right foot on step, hold it here for 2 counts (1,2) left foot over (3) (now you'll make the box-step) and exit with right and left foot (&4)

*** Nelson tap - this is just a normal tap to the left corner but now your tap is far away.

Block 3

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From: Meppel (The Netherlands)
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