Boot Camp, Baby!!

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About every other week, I'll surprise my class with a boot camp format class. They'll come in and see the rope up, the cones on the floor, sometimes steps lined up, etc., and they'll all groan, but they also rave about what a great workout they get.

Basically, we do it one of two ways. We either circuit the boot camp exercises in between the cardio kick moves or we do it all at the end in stations for about 10 minutes.

The rope across the front of the class is great--it's about neck level, and we usually do uppercuts (2 counts) under it and go side to side and then we'll do a bob and weave and add a knee strike or front snap kick to one side and then go to the other side (4 counts). The cones can be used for a number of exercises, but sometimes we weave through them or sometimes I line them up against one side and we shuffle all the way across the room (keeping the body very low so they work those quads hard) back and forth. The steps can be used for tricep dips, push ups or planks (with either the hands on the steps or the feet on them--either way, they're more difficult than if done on the floor). We also use the steps for plyometric work--up, up, down, down--moving across them (they're lined up lengthwise) as fast as we can.

We also add in jumping jacks (showing a lunge modification for those who don't like high impact exercises) and regular push ups.

And here's one great combination for a boot camp class: jumping jack (1,2), front snap kick right (3,4), jab-punch right-left (jab as the right front snap kick is returning to the floor and punch on count 5, and jump kick left on 7. Then, start with a jumping jack again and then the front snap kick left. It might seem difficult, but after the jump kick, you'll have time to cue to start the kick left during the jumping jack.

Good luck, and let me know if you have any questions.

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From: Bloomington, Illinois (USA)
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