Cardio Combo 2

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Holding ball in front. V-step front (stirring the ball front-motion, circle right in front in a chest press motion). V-step back (stir the ball). Pivot left X4 (pressing the ball side to the right.) Side step right, side step left (ball in front during the side steps in a small figure 8 motion) Grapevine to the right. (Ball in a large slow figure 8.) Repeat v-step front, then back. Pivot right X4. Side step left, then right, then grapevine (Small then slow large figure 8). Repeat. This combo is better taught in progression (add on). V-step front X4, then V-step front and back X4, then add on the pivot, then add on the touch step side to side, then last add on the grapevine. I really stress the bigger the movement of the ball the more intense the cardio. I follow this combo with just the side to side touch step, swing the ball with the movement, then adding hamstring curls alternating with abbductions, side to side. Slowly lower the ball, closer to the floor (still moving side to side with the ball) gradually changing to lunges side to side, and ball rolling side to side on the floor, hand to hand. Great progession to the sitting position on the ball. Then we go onto on the ball cardio.

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From: Bridgetown, NS (Canada)
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