Total Body Intervals #1

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Hi guys! Twice a week I teach a "Total Body Conditioning" class; it's my favorite format to teach because there is so much freedom. I change it every week, using different "toys" and drills. The members love the variety! I begin with the easiest intensity and add on options for more advanced members, make sure you remind them to pick their own level. I always stretch each muscle group as I work them (so I don't forget!)

Start with your normal "aerobic" warm-up. Leave the music at 146 BPM (or so) and move on to Cardio Drill #1

* Cardio Drill #1: Shuffle/hop 2x
Start with a grapevine behind the step; add a basic step on the floor. (up up back back...just like on the step) Grapevine goes to a shuffle; basic goes to a half time hop up and back then it goes to 2 hops up & back (or 2 jacks)

Change to "step" music 122-126 bpm

* Strength #1: Using a tube with handles. Stand at the right side of the step; left foot is on the step, right foot is on the floor. Put the tube under your right foot and adjust the tension so you can do one arm rows & tricep kickbacks. Start with just rows; then pull up and hold and add on the tricep kickbacks; release down and add on bicep curls. The final product is: "row up, kickback, come back to center, release down, 2 bicep curls" (equals 16 counts). Move to the other side and work the left arm same way. Stretch.

* Cardio Drill #2: Pulse Squats Across
Standing on the left side of the step, right foot on step, left foot on floor, stance is wide, toes to the front. Pulse squat (for as long as you need to to get all the safety cues said) Hop up on the step, feet are still wide; pulse squat. Hop right foot to the floor, left is still on the step, stance is still wide; pulse squat. Hop both feet to the floor, stance is hip distance; pulse squat. I start with 8 pulses at each position and break it down to 4 each, then 2 each, then 1 each. Then build it back up again to 8 each position. (they should really be moaning by now!) For beginners, have them stay on the left side of the step and hold a pulse squat there until you have it broken down to 1 pulses..then tell them to move to the other side. Stretch.

* Strength #2: Deltiod series with weights. Whatever you like, just have everyone stand still for the work! Stretch.

* Cardio Drill #3: Kick & Lunge
Start with alternating knee lifts right & left; change into alternating front kicks (kickboxing style); change to right front kick, left tap back. level 1 is right there. Level 2 & 3 the tap goes into a lunge back. The deeper the lunge, the more difficult the exercise. Make sure eyes stay to the front mirror, chin is lifted and stays above the heart. Do as many as you want then progress back through the front kicks and then the knee lifts. Do a bunch of squats to set up for the left leg leading. You can REALLY feel these in your glutes the next day! Stretch.

* Strength #3: Standing Obliques
Hold one heavy weight in right hand, left hand goes behind head. 2 counts take the left elbow up to point to the ceiling as the weight goes down toward the floor; 2 counts squeeze the left oblique as you bring the left elbow down to point to the floor. Do as many as you want then switch sides. Stretch.

* Strength #4: Chest Press
Heart rates should be down enough now to lay on the step, feet on the floor. Chest press and flies using heavy weights. Stretch.

Put everything away and move on to your favorite abdominal exercises!

I hope you can use some of this. I've got lots of different intervals I use, but I don't get much time uninterrupted to post!! (Two small kids make it very hard to type!!) Email with any questions or comments.


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