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It's been a while...too busy on the Bulletin Board, so here's what I've been doing in the classroom:

Combo #1 32 count combo

Repeat left

Combo #2 64 count

Repeat left

Combo #3 64 count

Basketball--base move is an L-step. Step, shoot, dribble, dribble step shoot.

X-step -Step touch on top of bench, step touch on floor. Therefore, 1/2 X will leave you on top of bench.

Double knee/inside turn- with this fun move, you are standing facing the board vertically on one side. Base move will be 4 marches to the "starting point " behind your bench. Standing on the right side of bench, step up with left foot first and do your double knee on the right, then turn your marches in toward the step (right shoulder goes toward the step, not the back of the room) The move will take you to your starting point behind the bench. Then curl on the left side of bench, then right, then left.

Zig-Zag Stomp- Very fun, easy to do, hard to explain. This stomp has lots of movement. First stomp is on the bench, the next 2 stomps are on the floor. Then a cha cha cha takes you back in toward the bench, going to the other side.

First stand behind your bench, facing the left side of the room. RIGHT stomp on end of bench, keep walking away and do a RIGHT stomp BEHIND you (like your hips rock back), and keep walking toward the left side of room, and do a right stomp crossing in front of you (like a mambo). Add a cha-cha-cha to bring you back in to the bench.

Repeat the zigzag on the right side of the bench (and side of the room). All of those stomps will be LEFT foot stomps.

Airplane-first two steps start like a reverse basic. All taps are facing the back of the room. Face the left side of the room, standing behind your bench. Up 1, Up 2, tap right toe to ground and return it to the top 3,4, then tap left toe to ground and return it to top (5,6), then exit down right (7,8).

Wow that was the longest combo I've ever placed. Email me with questions, especially on breakdown advice.


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