Absolute legs!!!

This is a Ball pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 11372)

These are great!!! My class loves these!!
Position ball up against the wall, place one weight in front to keep the ball from moving around and to keep it as snugly in place as you can. First plie over the top of the ball feet facingforward, squat down over the ball barely letting the glutes tap the ball do one set of 12 than down pulse for 12, then have the ladies turn the toes out and do another set of 12 squats and than pulse down for 12 again.

Second, have the ladies sit on the ball, feet about shoulder width apart and have the ladies stand only half way up not taking the tension off the legs than barely sit back down and up instantly again only half way up, after 12 I pulse at the up move here in the partially standing position (you will know if you have it right). We do 2 sets all the way through. These are awesome.

Make sure to watch their form and have them protect their knees not letting knees go past the toes etc.... I'm sure you know

Just in time for short season!!!!

Please let me know if you have

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