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Hi, I usually post kickbox or step patterns, this is my first ball post, only because everything I do in class has already been posted. I was watching a Karen Voit pilates video and modified one of her moves for ball.

Lie prone over the ball, tummy and hips on top, hands on floor, toes touching floor.

Bend one knee 90 degrees and do a regular bent knee raise, lower to opposite thigh for variety.

OR, raise the knee, then as you bring it down, bend the elbows (like you're going to do a small push-up) and crunch the rib cage and knee toward each other (of course the ball is in the way, so you'll be pushing against the ball with both thigh and torso) Adds some ab work to a good glut/hamstring move!

Hope this makes sense, ball stuff is hard to describe!


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