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This is my first time submitting a pattern, if you like it, I have more. I teach basic, Athletic, challenging, push yourself to the limit classes. All combos repeat on left side before moving to next combo. As the class warms up, push each move, adding as much power/oomph as you can.



Repeat a second time

So, we have #2:

First Interval: (about 45 seconds) Plyometric lunge off end of bench or any variation. Assume lunge position, keep torso tall, chest lifted, contract abs, boost off right foot, switch feet in mid air, lunge low, opposite foot, repeat. Everyone pushes themselves at their own pace. Walk around room, then start from combo 1, work down to #3, repeat #3 once or twice, then move to 2nd interval


Second Interval: (60 seconds) 8 Jumping Jacks (Heel dig option), 4 power squats (or regular squats, option) Power: jump down, with low, powerful squat, power up, bounce 2, repeat). 8 Jacks, 4 Power squats. Repeat over and over for a minute, march around, then start back at the top with combo #1, work down, add #4


Third interval: (60-70 seconds) Across the top, long way, boosting up, landing low, option to chasee behind bench. Walk around room, drink, start back at first combo.


Fourth interval: (60-75 seconds) March on top of bench, then start slow: down, down, up, up, then double time, as fast as people can do, pumping arms.

Repeat entire combo

Fifth interval: Up on bench, march, face front, then lunge off bench, as high as you want to take it, really using arms too. At beginning of 32 beat, start with 8 facing front, turn, face one side wall, lunge 8, turn, face back lunge 8, turn face other wall lunge 8, turn face front then go around in 4's, then go around in 1,2, and turn (go around twice in 2's) face front, lunge 8 to get in position, then option lunge singles for strength, 16 singles, pulse 8, hold 8, then switch feet.

* Up knee, Up knee: On front of bench, contract abs, make fists, and boost right knee and arms up, then bench knee and arms up, and repeat both knees 2 more times. (4 counts each set)

** Firecracker, repeater knee option, very fun, exhilarating: On the three knee repeat, tap first two on the back side of bench, then tap third repeat on front of bench, turning leg back behind you, along with hips and chest (leading by turning towards back of class, on that third tap, then repeat other side. Get them going/comfortable by repeating several times, (which turns into a mini interval) then have them add some oomph! From that third repeated tap front, boosting over to the other side, power!

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From: Appleton, Wisconsin (USA)
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