Jody's 64 Count Double Advanced

This is a Double Step pattern from (pattern 11409)

Hi- everyone. Thanks to Carole for some of these moves I borrowed from her. I think this is advanced but it may not be to others. 64 counts benches are vertical and you start from the middle. Home bench is on your right - 1st is on your left. I think its tapless - but I'm not anal about it - so if there is a tap in there I apologize.

Repeat left foot lead starting on 1st.

*Knee straddle rock - (8 counts) right lead step up on 1, lift left knee 2, left foot to step 3, right lead straddle 4, left lead straddle 5, right lead mambo 6, left & right walk walk to 1st on 7 and 8.

** Knee volley - any traveling lifting move between the benches so volley knees would be 2 traveling knees one on home one on 1st.

***On 1st mambo front corner 1st 3 counts, mambo back corner count 4 on count 5 and 6 step right and left but turn around so you are facing between the benches step up backwards on 1st bench on 7 and 8 facing toward the Home bench. From here do the 3 lunges and exit forward to Home. (yes???) email if you can't figure this out.

****V Skip - (thanks Carole) 8 counts from the outside of (Home) V up on counts 1 and 2, on top of step, step skip step skip 3,4,5,6, on counts 7 and 8 exit front walking towards 1st.

*****V Swoop Down - 4 counts facing center of steps step up in a regular V on counts 1 and 2, right&left on 3 step right lead down behind left leg and 4 step left leg out wide on other side of right, this should put you to the forward front of 1st bench leaving it clear to walk 4 counts to Home.

I hope you can use this, please email if I'm unclear.

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From: Paso Robles, California (USA)
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