Try this punishment for lower body

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 11415)

Glutes and leg work using the step. Warning, kicks a**, literally.

Combo 1

Stand on top of the step facing the short end. Lift right leg off and sit back into a squat keeping the feet parallel and pushing the bottom backwards (one foot is on the step, one on the floor). Return right foot back on to step and repeat with the left. Move is 4 counts. Music bpm 126-130.

Combo 2

Now do combo 1 but after the squat abduct the working leg out to the side, toes pointing downward. Lower this working leg then squat down foot to floor before returning the foot back on to the step. Move is 8 counts. Cue it as "squat, lift, squat and back".

Combo 3

Want more intensity? Do 3 repeater abductions with each working leg then increase it to 5s and 7s before reversing this back to combos 1 and 2. During these the leg on the step will be really working as it controls the repeaters.

Teaching points if you need them:
Make sure the abductions are not too high; the lifting leg is straight and controlled. The foot of this leg must be relaxed, toes downward to avoid tension in the lower leg. Remember also to check the knee of the leg on the step - keep it in line with ankle, not tracking over the toes. Reinforce postural checks for the squat part of the combos especially when you start the abductions - bottom back, weight transfered to heels, chest up etc.

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