Kentucky Derby Festival

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In honor of the KY Derby Festival, I combined some of the events that go on into an aqua festival!

The GREAT BALLOON RACE - exactly what it sounds like ~ bring in some balloons. Each person has to start at the wall, blow up their balloons and RACE to the other side and back, hitting their balloons in the air the entire way.

The LOUISVILLE MARATHON - have them do a running mini marathon of 5 laps around the pool

The STEAMBOAT RACE ~ Have them do 3 laps holding a kickboard out in front, their PADDLEWHEELS (legs) are doing all the work here.

Trying to figure out how to get THUNDER OVER LOUISVILLE in there....any suggestions?

Start off having the running of the KY OAKS as a preliminary race warm-up (2 laps) The winner of that race recieves a lilly (LILLIES FOR THE FILLIES)


Everyone grabs their trusty steed (a.k.a. noodle of choice) and has a 3 lap race around the pool riding their noodles like horses, being sue to touch EVERY corner EVERY time around. The winner of this race is greeted with a rose at the finish. (RUN FOR THE ROSES)

Adapt this to any hometown festivals you might have...HAVE FUN =)

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From: Louisville, Kentucky (USA)
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