Upper body workout

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Hi again!
I have not submitted for a long time, we instructors are just to busy... :-) Today some upper body toning, inspired by almost 2 years of teaching BODYPUMP.

1. Chest workout

You will need a bench, lie down on your towel with a bar in your hand and everybody can chose the weight they like (male participants should at least put 5 kg on each side of the bar). Hold the bar with hands wide apart

Lower the bar, focus on the nipple-line, stop a fist wide before the breast (especially women!)- I tell my participants to imagine a raw egg on their chest and we don't want to destroy it...do singles, 2/2, 3/1, 4/4 and alternate between the paces add some push ups at the end or start with push ups, use the bench (hands on bench and push up or knees/feet on bench and hands on the floor and push up)- for beginners: push ups on the knees

2. Tricep

Same position as above, hold the bar with hands shoulder width apart and lower between chestbone and belly button, elbows close in. Do again 2/2, 3/1 singles and 4/4. Switch direction: lower to your forehead using different paces. Focus on technique, only the forearm lowers to the forehead so in bend position we have a 90 degree angle. Start with some dips (hands on bench, feet on heels, lower butt by bending arms)- do 2/2 and even 4/4 together with singles. You can also do tricep-push ups: hands under shoulders and shoulder width apart, push up with elbows in close

3. Bicep

Standing position, bar in hands. Bicep curls, different paces. Halfway curls from top and from bottom (alternate). Lower upper body as if you would do a row movement with the bar, now do curls here (knees bend, back straight). To relax do some rows (maybe even slow ones) here and then up again with the body. Finish them with more curls

4. Shoulders

Here of course push ups (start out with them for a warm up). Now take the bar or a plate or other weight and press towards the ceiling, focus on the elbows, no lower than 90 degree angle, if you use the bar, the bar comes no lower than chin line. Do forward raises...with straight arms lift the weight, elbows soft. Do upright rows...lift weight to nipple-line with elbows above bar or weight, close to the body. Do combo of both and 2/2 and 4/4 again. Switch to dumbbells: side raises, arnold press (start in butterfly position, lift, turn hands (palms) to each other, lower to chin and open...start superslow, then 2/2 then singles). Maybe for some cardio use jabs, hooks and uppercuts here also

Hope that gives somebody some inspiration!
Thank you guys for all the patterns!

Email with Q and feedback!!!

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