Too much fun for a Sunday morning!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 11422)

I put this together for my temporary Sunday morning step class - the regular instructor is on maternity leave. I'll sure miss them; they love lots of choreography so I've been having a blast! Hope you find something in here you can use.

Bench is horizontal. Intermediate/advanced

Pattern A (does not reverse)

Pattern B

*Assuming right lead: 1,2, step on bench and do a left ham curl; 3,4, step back on the bench with the left foot and do a right knee lift; 5,6,7,8, right foot back on bench go immediately into a pivot straddle

**Got this from a pattern someone posted a while ago. Sorry I can't recall who did it! Assuming right lead: 1,2,3,4 do a double knee lift; 5, but instead of touching that left foot to the floor, step on the bench; 6, lift up the right knee; 7,8, straddle the bench right, left.

Pattern C (does not reverse)

***Got this from a great instructor who teaches at the same Y I do (Thanks, Lisa B!). If youve started this pattern on the right foot, you will have just done the basic with the left foot, so from there: Step up with your left foot and do a right knee lift, then just stay on the bench and do 3 more step knees. You'll end the 8 counts with your left knee in the air, poised to drop into the 2-count squats.

Pattern D

****This is the same thing as a spiral or a corkscrew, and similar to a reverse turnstep. You just turn to face the back of the room. The baby turnstep is what brings everyone back to facing the front of the room.

Pattern E

*****I love this move! Once again, someone posted it here a long time ago, and I'm sorry I can't give you credit! I know I've included instructions for this in other routines, but rather than make you go look for them, I'll add them again. Assuming right lead: 1,2, starting out like a normal diagonal step, the right and left feet step on the bench; 3, right foot steps off the front of the bench; 4, left foot, which had lifted up as the right foot stepped off the bench, steps back ON the bench; 5, right foot back on the bench; 6, left foot steps off the bench (back at home position) while right foot lifts up; 7,8 right foot stomps the bench, then you hold for beat.

As always, any questions or comments, please send me an email.


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