Nanc's Snap Kick Squat Combo

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This combination is gonna get their heart rates soaring, so I'll describe a modification afterwards. I used this in my boot camp format class the other night, and it was groans, groans, groans. Here it is:

Front snap kick left--1,2 (most of you just call it a front kick--I call it a snap, so we'll use both), squat ALL the way down--3,4, putting the hands on the floor, push the legs all the way back--5,6 (squat thrust), and hop back into the squating position--7,8. Then, start it with a front snap kick right. Obviously, for those with knee problems, they will not want to do this, so here's a modification:

Front snap kick left--1,2, step back with the right foot with both hands on the floor--3, then the left foot--4, bring the right foot back in--5, so now you're halfway back up, then bring the left foot back in--6, stand fully erect--7,8. Now, start it with a right front snap kick.

Make sure if they're doing the first version, they do not let the lower back dip on the leg extension--counts 5 and 6.

Zip me an email if you have any questions.

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From: Bloomington, Illinois (USA)
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