Thursday Fun!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 11452)

This is my first entry. I have "borrowed" a lot from this site over the past few months and I love the patterns. Thought it would be nice to add one of my own; mostly borrowed, but definitely fun!

Step is horizontal. Start on west side of step, facing to the north end of the step.

N           S

Start with your right lead:


Repeat on your left lead (facing South)


*** Step kick back is the same as a regular step kick, but you switch your legs so that the outside leg goes up on the board, and the inside kicks back (like a glute squeeze). Sometimes, I cue the two kick patterns together as "step kick, step glute". Make up whatever is easiest for you to say!

****Turnstep "double pump" is a single turnstep with a two knee repeater at the end of the turn. If you are on your right lead, at the end of the turnstep, keep your left foot on the board and do a double knee repeater with your right leg, then step down.

Hope it makes sense.

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