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Hi all

From my Sunday morning class the following combos are advanced, and tapless (except where indicated). All are 64 count self-reversing, except the last one which is 32 count self-reversing.

Step is horizontal
assumes a right lead

Combo I

Total 64 counts

** The reverse split back basic is just like a regular one. Follow your right hand, so that you split off the other side of the step (on the right you will be facing the back wall, on the left, you will be facing the front of the room).

Combo II

Total 64 counts

** Cross over mambo. You are in the straddle position, cross right foot over the bench to mambo in front of the left foot.

Combo III (completely tap free)

Total 64 counts

** At left side of step, curl off the small end, turning as you go to face the length of the step, then simply curl off the back.

Combo IV

Total 64 counts

Combo V (completely tap free)

Please take special note: this combo has a high risk move geared only for advanced steppers. The risk is that at one point you will be stepping blind. The step will be behind you and your class will have to step up backwards.

Total 32 counts

** Walk over the step forward and back. I took this move from low impact aerobics. Some of you call it the hustle up. Anway in aerobics, you walk forward 3, lifting the knee. On the step, right foot up, left foot up, right foot down in front of the step (the step is behind you), lift the left knee. Now step back up left foot right foot, left foot exits bench on home side, lift right knee. This will allow you to go right into the richot. The risk here is on the return you are stepping blindly. My class can really handle anything, but I am very cautious about breaking it down. When we practice this, we do it a half time speed, before trying it up to tempo.

**** Richochet. Step up right foot change left on step (2), right lunge off right side of step (2), foot change on the bench down to the floor (2), jumping jack (2)

I hope you enjoy and as always, please email any questions.


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