Steamy Routine

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Hi all,
I put this routine together for my wonderful Sunday morning class. It was incredibly hot already, and the AC never quite got going. The room was terribly steamy, but we soldiered on. Please enjoy.

Bench is horizontal
Routine is mostly tapless
Intermediate to advanced

Pattern A

Patterns B and C

Pattern D

Pattern E

*Double Knee Rebound Got this from a great interval video. Her first name is Cathe and can't recall the last name. At the corner do a double knee, which takes 4 counts. Then, assuming right lead, pick up your right foot off the bench and make a big arch up and back for counts 5 and 6. Bring it up and back for counts 7 and 8. By the time your foot comes back to the bench, you are on to count 9 or the beginning of the next move.

**Triple Knee Hitch Again, a double knee and then you touch down on the floor again and propel yourself over the top of the bench. Option for those who don't want to do the power move is simply one knee lift and then over the top.

***Diagonal Rock - I know I've posted this before, and I originally got from another pattern on Turnstep. I love it. Here are the instructions again: It starts out like a diagonal, but the back foot never touches the floor on the other side. Walk up right, left (1,2), right foot steps down on other side (3), left foot rocks back onto bench (4), right foot steps back on bench behind left (5), left foot steps back down to home position (6), right foot stomps on bench (7), then hold the stomp for one more beat (8)

If the names of my moves aren't clear or my explanations are lacking, please do email me.

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From: Arlington, Massachusetts (USA)
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