Holy Moly Feel them shoulders!!

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12010)

Shoulders are my absolute favorite part of my body sculpting class. My class knows it and they prepare for the worst!!

I start with over head shoulder presses using hand weights or barbells. I always give an option because of the variety of levels in my class. I will do a set of 15 then set 10 then set of 8. I usually start with a 2/2 count on the first set then single out for the rest.

I will then do a few big shoulder rolls with weight still in hand.

Next~~ Forward raises. I usually stay with a 2/2 counts as I've seen students really throw the weight up and down. (even with great instruction, you always have a few that do what they want) I start with a set of 15 then 10 then 8. Shoulder rolls x3ish

Lateral Raises~ Start with 15 singles, then 10 singles, then 2/2 count x8. Then if I have time or they're not moaning I will have them hold one side up to shoulder height while doing a 2/2 count with other arm. I'll do this for 8 then on the 8 raise I will tell them to bring them both down at the same time. Switch sides.

Finally~~ Yes there is more. I'll do reverse raises. I'll have them stand with legs about hip length or less apart and lean forward about 45 degrees with soft knees. They will pull the weights back. I tell them to pretend like they are squeezing their shoulder blades together.. I usually only do 1 or 2 sets of 8.

They are exhausted after this but they LOVE IT and they love their results!!

If you look at the pattern I work the top, front, side, and back of the shoulders. Let me know what ya think!

jwmona mb,sc

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