Havin' a Ball!

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12021)

I've just recently purchased playground balls for my class and am amazed at all the things that we can do with them. They are inexpensive and easy to store and don't require any maintenance!!

For ab work we start seated on our mats, legs stretched out, knees slightly bent. Start with the ball in the center of your stomach and then tap it to the right and left while keeping shoulders back and abs contracted. For those who may have lower back pain try putting on leg down or bring both knees in.

We also lie on our backs and put the ball between our knees and touch our heels to the ground and brings knees into our chest. You get a great ab work and also inner/outer thigh work!!

To intensify this exercise, place hands behind lower back for support and do the same exercise as above but this time instead of bringing knees in heels to the floor try, knees in feet extended out- OUCH!! What a great burn!! :)

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