Horizontal Double Step - some tapless, some not so tapless

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12035)

This combo is double step with horizontal benches side by side:


The combos are either 32 or 48 counts so they work either way and are self-reversing. I hope you enjoy and email me with any questions. Thanks for all of the input that I get from everyone. Most of my moves are only borrowed moves that I get from you guys and then "tweak" to fit my style. Enjoy!!!

Part 1

Begin again with left lead and going to the Home bench

Part 2

Repeat left lead on Away bench

Part 3


Part 4

All explanations below assume that you will begin from a right foot lead...

*Kick'n cha cha - One regular kick but when you bring the kicking leg back down to the floor, start a cha, cha, cha (floor, bench, floor or left, right, left) and then one more kick (i.e., kick & cha, cha, cha kick)

**Teaser - step up right and left knee comes up (1,2), tap the floor (north) with left leg and bring back up to knee position (3,4), tap the floor (south) and bring back up to knee position, exit left right. It changes the lead.

***C-step - Double knee and then without tapping down after the second knee go straight into 3 big step touches in a "half circle" direction to the Away bench. When you get to the Away bench, finish with another double knee exit. You'll then be on a left foot lead.

****Zig-Zag - Diagonal one bench and then go straight into another diagonal on the other bench in a zig zag, get it?

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