AnnArborSEF Step#1

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 12042)

Combo 1 (32 counts)

Repeat on left lead

Combo 2 (32 counts)

Repeat on left lead

Combo 3 (32 counts)

Repeat on left lead

Combo 4 (32 counts)

Repeat on left lead

Combo 5 (32 counts)

Repeat on left lead

Bench is horizontal. All combos are 32 counts and work best when you weave them together at the end. Begin on right lead, facing the bench. Any questions, please email me.

Double = repeater x2
Triple = repeater x3

* W-step = Start on right lead. Begin by stepping up wide right,left on the bench as if starting a basic V-step (1,2). Lunge with the right foot crossing back behind the left leg (3,4). Lunge with the left foot crossing back behind the right leg (5,6). Step down right, left as if finishing a basic V-step (7,8). [You can replace with 2x basic V-steps]

** Hop knee over/"180" = just a hop turn [] that begins facing the bench instead of sideways to the bench, and ends facing the bench in the opposite direction (hence the "180").

*** Hip-hop travel = Begin facing left, sideways to the bench, right lead. Right foot stomp on top (1,2), right foot straddle (3,4) into step kick right (5,6) exit into a travel (so now facing right & on left lead). I usually call it: "stomp-straddle-step kick-travel."

**** Sideways split basic = Begin at the right end of the bench, left lead. Step/jump up onto the center of the bench left, right (1,2) - KEEP FACING FORWARD, then lunge back left, right (3,4,5,6) and exit left, right (7,8). So it's just like a regular split basic that starts from the "home" side, except you start from the right end instead and go half-way across the top before the lunge and exit part.

Special thanks to Kelly for her love & support.

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From: Ann Arbor, Michigan (USA)
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