Intermediate Class - 64 ct. self-reversing

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 12059)

I've been using this for two weeks, and it's been alot of fun with just the right amount of challenge and brain rest time. Sorry, not tapless, but no taps just to change feet.

Combo 1

*Crab - Borrowed from this site, thank-you very much! Tapless. Right lead: up right (1), up left (2), right off side stomp (3), up left (4), up right (5), left off side stomp (6), up right (7), up left (8). You start down, and end up on top of bench. Once my class got this move they loved it. Bend the knees and really "get down" to make it intense.

Combo 2

*Funky Vee - borrowed from a co-worker, tapless. Right lead: vee up right, left (1,2), hip right & left (3,4), jump feet together (5), kick right (6), down down (7,8). The trick is to remember the same leg that leads is the leg that kicks.

** Fancy L - right lead: 1/2 L off left end (1-4), right mombo (5-8), 1/2 L back home (9-12), basic (13-16). To pump it up, run the mambo and the basic.

Combo 3

*Split-basic - just in case :-). up-up, straddle down, up up, down home. No taps.

** Volleyball repeater - first knee as usual, with "set" hands, on 2nd "knee", step down and tap heel on bench with "bump" hands, and do third knee with "spike" hand, and add propulsion.

Combo 4

That one should really get thier heart rates pumping.

Combo 5

*Rocking horse - last time I posted I got questions on this one - starting on top of bench, down (1), knee up (2), up (3), ham curl (4), down (5), knee up (6), then the step touch or jack, so your over-the-tops will be facing the other direction.

Hope it makes sense, please email me with any questions, just make sure you put turnstep pattern or something in the subject line so I don't delete it as spam mail!!

Keep steppin'

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