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I tried this routine on my very advanced kickboxing class earlier this week and they told me a couple days later, they really felt it. The purpose of this workout is to focus on form and tightening up those arms! If your students perform these moves like they should and really focus on tightening up, they will definitely feel it. It's very easy to cue, too (which is always important)

Boxer's stance (right shoulder forward)

(Change the jab to a hook and repeat entire sequence)
(Change the hook to an upper cut and repeat entire sequence)

I then cut everything down in 4's, then 2's.

I finished with pulsing squats, taking the jab down and up to follow the squats. In other words, when you squat down, the jab is low -- when you lift up, the jab is high. I did about 16 of these and their arms were burning!

You obviously need to then do everything on the left

Trust me -- if they really focus on their form, they'll feel this. As always, questions or comments are most welcome!

**On the super slow moves, tell students you want them to actually "hold" the punch at the end. In other words, jab (keeping the elbow slightly bent and arm tight) and hold for 4 counts with arm extended. On the hook, stop the hook in front (back wide, arm tight) and hold for 4 counts. Same with the upper cut. This really gives them an idea of what their moves should look like once you start speeding things up.

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