Block Party I

This is a Quad Step pattern from (pattern 12074)

Repeat on left (walking to home base, right lead, instead)

Repeat on left at 2nd base (again on the walk you are going home this time)

Repeat on left, at 2nd base

Repeat on left at 2nd base

Repeat at home with left lead

Repeat on 2nd base with left lead

Okay, here is the thing, the steps are set up like this:

               x          x
               x          x
               x          x
               x          x

in a block formation. You have a participant at each step in the block. You explain to the class that the step they are at is their HOME step, from their perspective the blocks will be labeled like a baseball diamond. So if your home is the bottom step of this block, 1st base is to your right, 2nd base is directly across from you and 3rd base is to your left. The fun comes in remembering your cues and where to send everyone. Practice a little before actually trying this with your classes, and by all means make sure your class is a skill level that can handle not seeing you all the time.

In this format some members will be back to you. I usually just pick the middle block and take the step closest to the front of the room, I face back. That is my HOME step, always. Make sure there is enough room between the blocks that you set up, obviously you cannot do this with a huge class. Our studio accomodates about 4 blocks (15 members and me). It is space consuming and you'll need to arrive a little earlier in order to set up properly. The only other tip is if you have a habit of using alot of visual cues in the way of pointing the direction you are going. It's not going to work, because the person directly across from you will end up going the wrong way. So try to keep your hands busy doing something else. I have to clasp my hands behind my back to keep myself from hand cueing.

Anyway, that's basically it. There is more than one class worth of choreo here and I have more that I will share as well. Some of these may be repeats from other Block party submissions (I've borowed, rearranged, etc.)

Have fun and if you have any questions, drop me an email. I'm always happy to help fellow instructors try something new!

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From: Eagle River, Alaska (USA)
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