Steppin' Out

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Teaching progression:
Teach a double knee repeater, march on top for 8 counts, then exit. Since the 8-count march is actually a 10-count move, verbally count for the class until they are at ease. Preview the rock backs: march on top 1,2, rock back on 3, march on top 4,5,rock back on 6, march on top 7,8., exit 1,2. Once adapted, preview the reverse turn into the rock backs, explaining that the rock backs are in the same place and on the same counts. Keep demonstrating all three options as the class practices. Move on to the next 16 counts...

Teach 5 alternating knees on top of the box, exit home, then a regular old step knee, exit home. Count the knees, rather than the beats, emphasizing the 3rd knee and 5th knee. Preview the "figure 8" pattern off the front of the box, turning out on the 3rd knee and back in on the 5th knee. Explain that both turns are FORWARD, and the turn on the 5th knee is just a forward hop turn. (With a right lead, turn LEFT on the 3rd knee and RIGHT on the 5th knee). You WILL see reverse hop turns on the 5th knee, so be prepared to cue directions. Practice both sides, then put all 32 counts together.

Use the teaching progression to guide your class through this combination... it works for ALL levels of steppers from the very beginners to the extremely advanced. And because you are moving off the front of the step at a little bit of an angle, it is AFAA approved.

If you need further instructions, please email me.

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