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Hi everyone,
Thanks to everyone who has emailed me with thanks and praise for my last posting. And as promised, I'm back with more good stuff. I'd like to talk about sprinting. Now sprinting on an indoor cycle is completely different from sprinting outdoors. The idea that cycle instructors have about sprinting is that it should be done with a light resistance at a real fast cadence. This really isn't the case, though. When you fly at a fast cadence with light resistance, the cartilage underneath the patella starts to wear out gradually. True sprinting on a road bike is at a high gear and being able to use both legs at the same time: one leg pushing, one leg pulling at a fast cadence. So how do we do this on an indoor cycle? Increase the tension gradually to an alomst heavy/heavy tension (RPE 4-6), and gradually build up your cadence. Practice using the legs together by lifting and pushing at the same time while cadence increases. A drill I like to use for this is lifting your pedals with your toes for a certain amount of time (instead of pushing down, you're pulling upwards like you're trying to bring your knees towards your chest). This drill is also great on a stationary trainer, too. Also, I like to use individual leg training. This is done by isolating one leg doing all of the work while the other leg is relaxed or even off the pedal. I like to un-clip my shoe and set my relaxed leg on a box, stand, or even behnd the bike and let my other leg do the work from 3-5 minutes per leg. This really is not an easy drill at first, but once you learn to push and pull with one leg, you'll eventually do it with both legs and become a more efficient rider/instructor. Now that you can use both legs together, increase that cadence and tension, and work on your sprint.

Again, check some of the websites:,,,, etc.

Let me know how this works for everyone and let me know what questions you might have.

Stay True and Tri Hard,

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