One Combo- Jones #2

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 12477)

Bench is horizontal, although this combo can be done vertical as well!!

Repeat on left lead

This combo goes pretty fast so usually milk this combo like this:

**Turnstep only, then add the straddle
**Straddle up and down a few times then add the march in the straddle
**While we are marching, I actually show the walking off the bench move, and then return to them

**Side step a while, add a hop step for more intensity
**I will again show the diamond shuffle/side step home and then return to them for countdown

**Diagonals are easy to cue, just take them over the top and back for a while, then add the diagonal, corner to corner

**Now I milk the reverse turn by performing it slow a few times then speeding it up to normal tempo

I added the cues I use because I remember when I first started teaching, the hardest thing for me was taking an advanced combo and breaking it down so it flowed smoothly and kept the heart rate up while I molded the combo together. I have used some pretty difficult combos, and my favorite part was not so much the end result but the steps it took getting there. It is truly an art.

Email if you want!!!

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From: Cape Coral, Florida (USA)
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