Old Stand-By Series #2

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12490)

Okay, next addition to the Old Stand-By series...

Lateral raises:

I may have posted these in the past, but they really do liven up a sometimes tedious task.

Standing with soft knees and holding a medium to light dumbbells. Be sure that the shoulders are down and away from the ears, the tail bone is tucked under and the abs are held nice and tight. There should be no movement through the elbow joint, everything through the shoulder

Basic lateral raises bringing the weights no higher than eye level. As the weights come to the top of the movement, try to turn the pinky fingers gently toward the ceiling just a bit. This should give you a little extra contraction. After a few reps here try...

As the arms reach the parallel point to the floor, turn the palms smooth and controlled toward the ceiling. Try not to stop the motion at all. Then, again without stopping the motion, begin to descend back down toward the floor, and again at the point where you are parallel to the floor, turn the palms back down toward the floor, and without stopping the motion continue down to the starting position. OR!! After the original basic movement try...

As the arms reach the parallel point to the floor stop and hold. Now, lower the right arm and lift it back up to the paralell point. Then, lower the left are and lift it back up to the paralell point. Do a full set (for your classes' level), and HOLD at the top, give a set of pulses, then a slow descent back to the original starting position.

I NEVER do single counts on any of this work no matter how slow the music is. It really takes away from the intensity of it, and really compromises the participants form. I usually will do slow 4 counts, and sometimes slow 2 counts if it gets REALLY difficult.


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