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This is my first submission. Thanks to all of you that submit for body sculpting/conditioning! It is hard to keep a class fresh, but Turnstep patterns sure help! Enjoy! Ocean

Here are some of my favorite moves that I have "borrowed" from many others!

With Dynaband...

One arm extends overhead holding Dynaband. Let band hang down behind your back. Grab ahold of band near bottom with other hand. To work both arms, pull band in both directions (top arm with pull the band up towards the ceiling while bottom arm pulls band towards the floor. Can also just hold the bottom part of band against lower back while top arm just pulls it towards the ceiling. Keep bottom hand tight against low back. Remember to adjust spacing between the top and bottom arms so you have resistance in both directions. Switch to do other side (bottom hand/arm is now at top, etc.)

Other move...put Dynaband around back (at chest level) and grab it with both hands, adjust it so its fairly tight. Make arms into "L" shape like you are going to do an overhead shoulder press with dumbbells, but here you will use the band instead. Depending on how much you adjust tension, it can be fairly easy or hard. I use all 4 foot bands because many of us in class are tall with long, long limbs! Do shoulder presses in doubles or singles, etc. From this same position, you can squeeze the chest muscles and work them by bringing arms in for a pec dec type move. I cue the students to bring the elbows together and squeeze the chest as they do this, or I see a lot of arms coming together around the wrist area with elbows wide because that is obviously easier!

Tube with handles....

For biceps, we stand in lunge position or sometimes called split stance. One handle in each hand. The middle of the tube is under your foot that is in the front. Do double bicep curls here. Then to make it hard, you step through the tube, so now the middle of the tube is on your same leg, but that leg is now in the back and this makes it much harder! You can even add a weight in each hand to make it super hard!


Front raise with both arms, pull back and squeeze the shoulder blades together, hold here and just rotate the forearms up for a little rotator cuff work (now you are in the position to do an overhead shoulder press) and then press up for shoulder press. Then do it all backwards. I think I got this move on here! So thanks to whoever submitted it!


Clock lunges/squats. Stand with both feet together. Bring right leg forward to 12 o'clock for front lunge. Step back to feet together. Same leg now does side lunge at 2 o'clock. Step back together. Same leg now steps to 3 o'clock for a squat. Then step back together. Then same leg steps back to 6 o'clock for reverse lunge. Keep going on that same leg to 9, 10 and then when you get up to the 12 again, switch legs!


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