Ball are for Dancin'

This is a Ball pattern from (pattern 12506)

This is the second submission to this awesome site. Here goes. Start off sitting on top your stability ball then begin your bouncin'. My class loves the bouncin' part. Brings out the kid in them. We start off doing bouncin' then add alternating:

Then we do the dancin'. I start off letting them bounce and dance however they want to while sitting on the ball.

They shake hips side to side while bouncing. Then use the arms any way they like, they just go to town... (lots of laughs that's for sure...)

We do YMCA while bouncing. (May need to add the right music.)

We even do rope lasso-ing while bouncing. Start off with one arm up in the air then progressing to both. (Also switching directions.) Do it till they can't feel it anymore..... :)
Hee Ya ,Giddy Up.
We may proceed into Door-knobs. (Arms at shoulder height, then turn arms like opening a "door-knob".) Keeping them up there we could go into arm circles, then reversing directions... (They love me for it, if they can talk thru all the moaning...)

We may also do a bounce- then reaching with arms at shoulder height from side to side and forward...

We also do a Oblique reach with the ball under the lower back just like when doing a crunch and reaching out to each side...

Hope I am helpful good luck to all..


Added by Rachel Persha at 9:14 PM on Tuesday, December 10, 2002 EST. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Iron Ridge, Wisconsin (USA)
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