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Thanks for all the fantastic ideas. I have learned so much from all of you. I hope someone can use these ideas. I teach a sports conditioning class of mostly men. Here are some ideas that "my guys" have really enjoyed.

1. If you have a large aerobics room with heavy bags available...use them. Have your "troops" push them back and forth across the floor. My guys push them to the front then do a set of 12 push ups using the bags as a base. They push them to the back of the room and do a set of 12 mountain climbers.

2. I also use the bags as hurdles. Put two heavy bags side by side with space in between. Take an easy stick tape and place a line of tape across from base to base. Place 4 or 5 "hurdles" in a row. Please watch for safety - an easy stick tape releases to prevent injuries or falls.

3. For muscle work I have my guys buddy up. One guy must wrap an exercise tube around his waist while his buddy holds the "reins." Have your class do walking lunges while their partner provides resistance by pulling back on the tubing. Be sure to watch for proper form! I have them do slow lunges and then speed them up to increase their cardio.

4. Run those tires. We step up steps across the floor end to end. My troops must run them. (up/up/down/down) They also must run across the floor straddling the steps using high knees. For a power set - I make them run with football fire feet while straddling the step for six counts then they power jump on top and off the step.

Just a few ideas I hope you can use and enjoy! Please email with any questions or suggestions. Thanks again all!

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