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Ever notice how deep water warmups usually consist of very basic laps? This simple idea can spice things up a little. Call out letters of the alphabet which do not require retracing (C,D,L,N,O,P,S,U,V,Z). I do not use (M,R,W) because they are a little too complicated with turns as you will see. Tell students to jog (or whatever move you pick) in the shape of this letter. I like to give them guidelines such as "use 1/4 of the pool to make your letters". This adds interest and has students crossing each other making currents.

For even more interest you could have a "Crossword Puzzle" warmup and ask the group a question i.e. "Where rhinos hang out and Every restaurant on Mother's Day at 1:00 p.m." The answer, "Zoo". Have them then warmup with 3 different moves spelling zoo. Another question is "What sunglasses block out". Of course, it's "UV".

Classes that like the social side of aqua and the dreaded "talkers" will enjoy this and hopefully get that talking out of their system during warmup. Now, turn on the intensity.

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