Step, Funk, Wiggle and Groove !!!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 12517)

Ok guys, takes time working this one out, it is advanced but trust me it is soooo worth it!!! Please assume a right leg lead unless stated otherwise.

The Can Can

(you are now facing the end of your step with both feet on each side of the step)

Total counts... 8 counts

Standing still do theses arm movements...

Now with hands on both hips wiggle all the way down so that you are sitting with your bottom on the step! 4 counts

Total counts... 8 counts

Now whilst on step do the can can with your legs (arms for support obviously!) can can is kicking (alternating) both legs in the air! Then placig both feet down firmly on the ground. 4 counts

Slowly stand up. 4 counts

Total counts... 8 counts

Bunny jumps traveling backwards (feet still on each side of step), 4 counts

Jump both feet into center of step, jump on spot (still facing the end of the step), 2 counts

Jump off turning to face the front, jump on spot! 2 counts

Total counts... 8 counts

This is a complicated one to break down but it is well worth it, try it in an advanced class they will love it! I call it the can can!!!

Also pleeeeez when writing out routines, use simple terms otherwise no one knows what ure talking about! And use counts or beats!!!

Thanks guys!!!!

Remeber it is tricky!!!

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