Ashley's Sweaty Step II

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 12520)

Horizontal bench

Combo #1

*Zorro right -- right up/left hamstring (1-2), left stays on top/right hamstring (3-4), down right/left (5-6), jacks 2X (7-8)

*Y-step -- right/left wide on top (1-2), right/left in to center (on top) (3-4), right/left to floor (5-6), right/left on top (7-8)

**Knee-off/step-touch around (left lead) -- L-step off (1-4), step touch around the end left/right (5-8) so you are facing the back of the room on the other side of the bench, ready to lead left again.
The easy version is just a repeater knee around the corner

Combo #2

*Baby steps -- 2 small steps across the top right/left/right/left (1-4), exit right/left (5-6) and jack (7-8)
Fun version -- Step right on top (1), hop turn towards right shoulder (2), step left on top - you are moving towards the end (3), hop turn towards right shoulder (your body makes a full circle on top of the bench) (4), exit right/left (5-6), jack (7-8)

Combo #3

*Running man (right lead) -- Double knee repeater left (1-4), step down left/right knee lifts up (5-6) lunge back right/right knee lifts up (7-8)

** Reverse L-step (right lead) -- knee lift/exit off the back end (east) (left/right); knee lift/exit off the north side (right/left)

Combo #4

Combo #5

Thanks to all who emailed me! Here's the 2nd part as promised! Please feel free to email with questions.

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From: Durham, North Carolina (USA)
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