Ashley's Sweaty Step III

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Horizontal bench

Combo #1

*Important note: you can turn away from the bench towards outside shoulder on these first 2 repeaters as you move to the other side, but it's VERY important not to turn the 3rd repeater "away" in preparation for the 360

**360 -- basically it's a tiny 360' turn on top of the bench, exiting on the same side that you start from. Right lead: right on bench, while turning towards your left shoulder to face the back put left foot on bench, keep turning your body towards the left shoulder exit right foot to the floor and left foot to the floor

Combo #2 (side approach)

Combo #3

*Step-slide-around: be careful and watch the step behind you right on top (1), left leg swings out (2), left leg to the floor on the north side of the bench (off the front, bench is now behind you) (3), right leg to floor on the north side (4), left crosses over right on the floor (5), right leg swings out and over the bench (6), exit right/left on the south side (7-8)

Combo #4

Arms right to left shoulder and left on right shoulder (1), slide both hands to their same side shoulders at the same time (2), both arms straight up (3), both hands to sides (4)

Combo #5

Combo #6

Here's the 3rd (and final) part! Please feel free to email with questions!

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From: Durham, North Carolina (USA)
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