Easy Quad: Turn into New Year

This is a Quad Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 12562)

Home    (H)     Red    (R)

Jail    (J)     Green  (G)

I would use the bases, but I mix up first and third all the time. Home and Red are in the front. Jail and Green are in the back. Right foot leads Home and Green and left foot leads Jail and Red, most of the time.

C2C means corner to corner walk diagonal along the step. C2C diagonal 2 means walk diagonal along two diagonal steps, like home and green or Jail and Red

Right foot still leads

  • Home turn into 2 knees, (8) (don't come down after first knee, just lunge)
  • Over 2X go to Jail on 7 and 8, (8)
  • Jail right foot first alternate straddle lunge 4X (12) Down tap on 11, 12 (you'll be on the back of Jail, outside your four steps)
  • Left foot lead C2C diagonal to Red (4)
  • Repeat a bunch of times using 'hamstring' instead of side leg, or 'instep', or 'hip extension', or 'ski' (jump onto step, like skiing downhill, then step down- anything 4 count)

    OR instead of 'turn into 2 knees', turn into 10 knees, 18 knees for leg work, 10 side legs etc. Those numbers keep the combo in an 8-count pattern. I have the class count with me. Some think it's fun.

    If time, I do what I call "Interim". It's a move stuck in the middle to get the heart really pumping.

    Then go back to very top and see how much you remember from the first combo
    Happy Steppin'


    This is really 1000 words for a few pictures.

    On the Flying L-steps, for safety reasons, turn away from the four set like you are going to the back, then cha-cha-cha to the other end of the diagonal step. You're moving quickly, taking big steps-hence, FLYING. You have 2 counts to get there.

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