Ganey 1

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 10956)

               West*            * East
                   *            *

Combo 1 (mambo combo)

right lead

Repeat left lead

Combo 2

right lead

Combo 3

right lead

Repeat left lead

Combo 4

left lead ALL facing East

Combo 5

right lead

Repeat with left lead

***"V" step with a kick- (1-2) step onto the step like a regular V-step, (3) jump to the middle of the step , (4) front kick right, (5) step wide with right foot, (6) step wide with left foot, (7-8) step down like regular V-step.

*** Weave- in this routine it is done facing left so that is the direction I will explain. (1) step up with left foot (like over the top), (2) swing right leg around back (like superman), (3) step right foot down on North side of step, (4)step left foot down on North side of step, (5-8) repeat starting with the right foot. If participants feel unsure they can do this with a quarter turn to make sure their feet do not catch the corner of the step.

*** Walk the Line- (1-2) step up right then left like V-step, (3) turn to facing East, (4) lift right knee, (5-6) step down right then left, (7-8) jumping jack.

Got some moves from other routines and made some up myself so if they don't make sense please email me and let me know.

Hope you enjoy this, my class was really sweaty by the end of this one!

Added by Leslie Ganey at 12:15 PM on Friday, February 1, 2002 EST. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: Cleveland, Georgia (USA)
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