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G'day everyone, I did this one for my 4.30pm class yesterday afternoon Sun Feb 2nd. Some of the blocks are self-reversing but for those that aren't simply do a repeater move to change lead legs. I made up block C yesterday, I don't think I've read it anywhere before, but if so thanks for the subconscious idea.

*** See explanations at the end ***

Board is horizontal and the class is tap free.

Block 1

Block 2

Block 3

Block 4

When I teach this one I add in a lot of marches in between to get them used to the moves. 1st I teach counts flick cha cha rock back, double flick and 1 basic step. 2nd I teach the 2 repeater flick and walk. 3rd I teach the stomping corkscrew with a basic step (cue as "stomp it round') 4th Then I teach the rebound. Double leg curl on the other side of the board with 4 marches. Once I've gone through all this I simply tell them that we're taking out all the marches.

Block 5

  • 1 Knee lift corner 1-4
  • *****1 Box step 5-8 (same corner)
  • Rock'N'Roll 9-16
  • 2 Quick over the tops (with rock back) 17-24
  • Walkaway pivot 25-32
  • To make explaining easy, I'll assume right lead for all the following.

    * Jump Change
    You are on top of the board. Step right foot off the front and lift left leg up and down 1-2. Place right foot back onto the board and do a hop on the board 3-4. Now step the left foot off home and lift the right foot up and down 5-6. Place left foot back onto the board and do a hop on the board 7-8.

    ** Turning L-step
    This is really easy. Just think about doing a tapping L-step. So instead of doing the tap do a down down motion and turn as you do this. Step to the side/lift knee and step down down 1-4. Step up to the side/lift knee and step off the front (you will be facing the back of the room) 5-8. When teaching practice by taking them all the way around the board.

    Cue as a K/Straddle. I think I made this up yesterday - but I'm sure someone has already done it. From the small end of the board step up right lift the knee and do a K-step down the board and back 1-6. Now instead of bringing the foot down home and tapping end in the straddle position 7-8. From here you do the repeater hopscotch left lead (3 repeater curls on each side and stepping off home down down.)

    Hope this make sense, send me an email if you have any Q's.

    Regards Claire

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    From: Townsville (Australia)
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