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Bench is vertical. The name of this pattern refers to the A B B A order you may choose to do this in (makes the memorizing a little more difficult). In other words, do I A right lead, I B left lead, I B right lead, and finally I A left lead. Same for combo II.


Knee to the corner. One basic. Walk 1/2 way around the back of the bench. Slow squat (one leg on bench). Broadway kick. Walk all the way around your bench (or two hop turns).


A-step for 3. Kick, tap down. K-step 2. 3 Glute press repeater.


Diagonal. Over the top. Oblique crunch, tap down 2 times, moving back on the bench. Up and straddle two. 2 knee repeater and walk behind.


Up and alternate the lunges 3. Three lunge repeater and exit. Walk, walk, pivot, walk, walk, hop 2.** Over the top. Baby turn (little turnstep).

*"Walk walk pivot, 2 hops to the back" is what I call this once they know it. All 8 counts are on the floor. The leg closest to the bench leads.

Feel free to email me with questions or comments.

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