Sonia's Fab Abs

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 10969)

Lying on your back, cue proper abdominal alignment. Movements (escept for the pulses) are slow and controlled!

Part I

The left arm is straight overhead. The right arm is bent behind the head with your head resting on the arm for support. The right hand clasps just above the left elbow.

Left foot is on the floor and the knee is bent. Right leg is straight out along the floor with a soft knee.

8x Lift and lower the right leg keeping the head down and abs tight
8x Add a crunch up/down as you lift and lower the leg

Part II

Lift the leg and the head and hold steady for 8/16 counts

From this lifted position hold the leg steady and do tiny pulses with the upper body - anywhere from 8 to 32.

Part III

Keeping the upper body lifted lower the right foot to the floor. Knee is bent up. Release your arms and bring your hands to the outsides of the thighs (just above the floor).

From this lifted position slide your upper body to the right and left alternately for 16 - 32 counts. This is a tilt to the side as if your hands are reaching towards your ankles. Don't go too fast! A slight pause is the center is good too.

Repeat the sequence with the left arm bent behind the head, the left leg straight, the right arm straight overhead and the right knee bent up. The tilts will begin to the left.

Repeat as time and class level allows.

Note: In Part I some students may need to keep both hands behind the head in the classic abdominal positioning. The arm overhead is more difficult.

Hope these work for you! Let me know if you use them.

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From: Texas (USA)
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