Puttin' on your Sunday best II

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Hi All

Step is horizontal, patterns are advanced, 64 count self-reversing

Combo I

Total 64 count

***Cross over mambo (you are in a straddle position from the repeater knee around) so you cross your foot back over the step, doing a mambo in the same side of the step as the other foot. n other words with a right lead, do a right mambo on the home side of the step. Then you can go right into the 3 turnsteps.

Combo II

Total 64 counts

*** Diagonal pivot, turn step. Start as if going diagonal corner to corner, however turn you body into the bench (follow your back) when you exit the bench you will actually be looking at the corner you just left. I cue my class to look at where they just came from. Then just do a regular turnstep.

Combo III

Total 64 counts

*** Mambo, mambo pivot, mambo on bench instead of on the floor for extra fun. Mambo on the bench. Mambo pivot, start with the mambo part on the bench, turn away from bench and turn back to bench for the pivot part, then just do another mambo on the bench.

**** Do this L-step off the small end of the bench, instead of as you regularly do an L-step.

Enjoy, email questions.


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