A little payback from MBF

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10984)

I get so much from this board so hope you can use these step combos ! All are 32 count and self-reversing, bench is horizontal. Please email me with any questions or comments.

Combo 1

* the 2x step touch is just a step touch left then right in an L shape to get you back to front of bench, you will be on left lead

** on right lead double knee with triple jog is just a 2 knee repeater, leave right foot on bench and lift foot/knee left then right then left then exit bench, it's fast and fun 8 counts on each side. I borrowed this from an old crunch video!

Combo #2 very fun !

* my Y-step is: step up right then left 2 jacks on top exit right then left. Low version is step up right then left step out,out,in,in then exit right then left

** 2x heel bounce is just that a fast lift of your heels like a calf raise but do 2!

*** the final 2 basics will be on opposite lead you started on, if you started right they will be left putting you on left lead for that Y-step.

Combo 3 brain breather

* the L-step travel is just 4 L-steps, 4 counts on each side of the bench till you get back where you started. So on the right lead its L-step turn right L-step turn right and so on, 16 counts total or you can just do an L-step corner to corner and end up same place same count, but this is more fun!

** after 1/2 way around world knee straddle exit from the straddle like you are going to go into another straddle but instead step on the bench right then left lunge or 2 knees right then exit right then left. You are left lead to go into L-step around world on left.



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