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This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10986)

This class is a DEEP water class and is done to the Time/Life Fabulous Fifties music. If a song has multiple exercises, they can be performed using any multiple of eight counts. If a class is very familiar with the names of the exercises, the switchover from exercise to exercise can be faster. I usually count down the last four counts to inform them the switch is going to occur. During the pause before each song I inform them of the exercises which will be done during the song.

The first three songs are the warmup songs. My class does one pass across the pool and back of run, cross country, grapevine and jump rope. This usually takes approximately 7 minutes and allows them to chat with their friends before the harder exercises begin.

The next two songs are slow and during these we do our beginning stretch:

Now we begin. The music picks up pace.

The following three songs are done with noodles:

The following four songs use dumbbells:

This leaves about seven minutes for the final stretch.

*Water polo goalie - change arms from pushing down to pushing with a flat hand out to the side near the surface of the water.

**Pattern sit kicks - alternating legs - bend right leg, bend left leg, bend right leg, freeze for one count - do again. Cue students to keep knees together.

$Arm curls palm up - hands on noodle, palm up, shoulder width apart. Upper arms are velcroed to sides. Start with arms bent at ninety degrees - straighten arms pushing noodle down with tops of hands.

#Pushups - holding noodle with hands shoulder width apart and always pushing straight down to bottom of pool.

##Bicycle on side - holding noodle in center with one hand. Hold noodle straight down underneath shoulder, lay on side with body near surface of water, big bicycle legs, bicycle in a circle. Switch to other hand - repeat on other side.

***Arm punch knee drive - on stomach, punch dumbbells one at a time from shoulder to bottom of pool. Knees alternately bend to waist. Cue to keep elbows near body when bending arms.

If you have any questions or are interested in me making a CD or tape containing this music (along with class instructions), feel free to email me.

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