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This is a Cycling pattern from (pattern 10988)

I get alot of ideas from other instructors and workshops so I am merely sharing not taking any credit sm:)e

Sprints -
Total is 60 seconds
1st 10 seconds is in hand position 2 (wide)
next 10 is sitting up tall mimicking Riverdance arms
next 10 is Davinchi arms
next 10 is over head arms "stick 'em up"
then back to Davinchi for 10 then Riverdance again for 10 then break for 60 seconds
(From Reebok Resolution)

A bunch of 10's
For 10 seconds count your right leg/knee
If the number you get is higher than 20 then increase your tension
Lower than 20? pedal faster! (I'll only give this cue once or twice - goal is to keep increasing so the amount of what they increase is up to them) and then I'll throw in if you forgot to count we're going again
(From local fitness club instructor)

How bored are we on hills? - how many cues can you give while climbing? Well my hills are usually for 3 songs back to back (one seated 2 up) So (on the 'up' songs) we do the Frozen upper body position "take out the bounce" to Madonna's 'Frozen' on her humming chorus we bounce (basically pedal like a normal hill) and then on the rest we freeze from the waist up and just pedal with legs only (so if someone were to put something sharp above your head you'd want to stay away and not bounce up into it) - there has been controversy on this move due to knee injury - however - if you have enough tension (anywhere between 3-9 - my 10 is not being able to pedal at all so they get an idea of how hard they should be working) and your hips are far back over/hovering over the saddle then your ok - but that's just me not science sm:)e. I tell the students if they want to change hands to position 2 then they can do that too. I alternate this with hovers - usually 10, 20, and 30 seconds at a time for both moves works well (From local fitness club instructor)

Regular hill - nice and comfy right?
Nope! Remove the right arm but keep your body the same i.e. don't open up towards the right side just cuz the arm is off the handlebars
Now switch! Switch! Switch! Switch! You say switch whenever you want to and trick them by getting them into the beat but then don't say switch when they expect you to sm:)e
(From Reebok Resolution)

Have fun and thanks for all the great ideas!

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