Some knees, and some indecision- advanced/tapless

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Hi!! Hope everyone's great out there in turnstepland! As always, step is horizontal, and start on the right. This isn't a tough one as little crossphrasing is used, so it's easy to break down in 8's or 16's. All blocks are self-reversing! Basic options for beginners! Email me for more explanations if you're stuck!




*Double knee mambo-
Double knee to one corner (4), mambo off the side on the floor (2) and walk back to behind the step (2)

**Stomp and knee-
Exactly how it sounds! Stomp (2) then single knee (4)! Stomp is in 1/2 an "L" shape, then step knee like you would finish a regular L-step. (kind of like 'stomp the L').

***"3 and 6"-
step up (2), mambo off the front of the step left,right (4), step back onto the step (2), exit as normal (2)

****Twisting indecision-
can be done without twists (instead you can pause for one count on '2' and '6')-

NB- normal indecision brings you back to starting position

Good luck! Hope your class likes this one! G'day Claire!!

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From: Sydney (Australia)
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