A little bit of Zeena does you good!

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 10998)

I have resisted but can do so no more. Here is the peak of my Hi/Lo. I do break it down and build it up but thought you could do that yourselves. Here are the bare bones of the class.

On the right foot.

Repeat on left.

I do a quarter turn after both legs are done, during the jacks. I do the V-/box-step to change legs because not all my ladies do full jacks. I like to turn all around the room to give everyone a chance to be at the front. So the full combo is done five times one to each wall with a last repeat back at the front! The last is just to make sure they gave me EVERYTHING!

I ask for the Zeena scream or Hercules bellow to see if everyone is still listening and has enough breath left - I rarely get an answer to are you all OK? That and it takes them all giggly and a bit embarrassed so they forget how hard they are working and bond with each other a bit better - it's just my slightly off style!

Enjoy! Stef

Grapevine Three is 3/4 of a full grapevine, that is travel out, in and out again with hamstring curls to complete the 16-count.

Giant steps are the Zeena bit. Get them to mime threatening you with a spear whilst giant stepping and doing the Zeena warrior princess scream. This is also known as the Hercules, done in a deep voice.

Saturday Night Fever is the silly arm movement thing John Travolta does in the movie during Staying Alive, and can be done single or double time.

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